Class of 2020 Respond to Losing Senior Year


Kenny Kim

Seniors Jessica Logan and Meleah Potter chant highly and proudly during the Moore War assembly.

Kenny Kim Senior class officers cheer up the crowds before the Homecoming Assembly.

In the overwhelming madness of school closures nationwide due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, life for most students has continued on– just indoors. Students quickly had to shift their focus from learning inside a classroom to learning through a screen. The pandemic forced all spring activities to abruptly close within a matter of days, making the last moments of the school year bittersweet for all of us- especially for seniors.  

For soon-to-be graduates, the pandemic has threatened to impact meaningful moments that seniors have worked towards their entire life. Events like graduation, prom, and senior breakfast, would’ve brought friends and family together for one last time before beginning the next chapter in their life.

Most seniors walked out of school on Thursday, March 12th for spring break and expected to join together in the classroom after a relaxing week. A few short days later, a district and even statewide decision was made to start “distance learning” on April 6th and not return to campus until Fall of 2020. These students did not have the chance to say proper goodbyes or even enjoy their last days on campus.

“If I had one last day at Westmoore I would say goodbye to all my people and thank them for making my high school experience unforgettable,” senior Fifi Mensah said. 

The disruption caused by Covid-19 has been a huge devastation to many but specifically to seniors who were involved in spring sports.

“I missed out on a lot of things, we made it to the semi finals last year and I wanted to see if we could take it even further this year. Our chance to win the state title got taken from us. I never got a senior night and I played my last soccer game without even knowing it,” senior William Fink said.

Moving forward will be much easier for someone like Kylee Munson, who is happy with her final grades.

“It made a huge difference having high grades. There is no stress to get any of my grades up because I am happy with where they are at. I am less worried because I don’t necessarily have any work to do. If I were to have lower grades I would definitely be stressed,” Munson said.

Seniors who have been struggling could possibly have a harder time getting their diploma-especially for kinesthetic learners. All grades were frozen as of March 12th, meaning grades cannot go down but can be raised. For a student who was in the process of  improving their grades could be worried they may not be able to reach their academic goals. 

After being robbed of their senior year the class of 2020 is overly emotional but nonetheless still hopeful to acquire their diploma.

Kenny Kim
Seniors hold up their signs and noise-makers as they dress in a red for Moore War.

“It would mean a lot for me to walk across the stage with my fellow friends. I realized I took high school for granted when I found out Thursday was my last day to walk the halls without knowing,” senior Nicole Billy said.

High school is filled with joy, stress, sadness, anxiety, love, and endless other things but most importantly it will be the memories that stick around forever, fom football games under the friday night lights to pep assemblies in the Jag Arena.

“Moore War has to be one of my favorite memories from high school, the energy is so high and it’s an experience I will remember forever. I also met some of my best friends over the years and I wouldn’t have made it through the years without them,” senior Bri Bauer said. 

Although the year has been cut short, they will make it through these difficult times dealing with Covid-19. Whoever walks through the westmoore hallways will remember them for a lifetime. As the class of 2020 quickly becomes alumni we join forces as a westmoore family and fight.