Stealing Back the Show

Student directors lead winter production amidst teacher absence

Dressed up in green and red, senior Landon Simms starred in the winter play.

OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLA. – The Drama classes begin every winter season with their annual “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” play. Despite the restrictions of COVID-19, this year is no different as the drama students prepared to perform.

I was very sad that Mrs. Landrum had to be gone, but I was confident in Halle and Madison making sure we were prepared for the play. Overall, I had an amazing experience, and we felt very proud on stage.”

— Tessa Bedford, 10

The preparations for the play seemed to move smoothly, but a week before the play, Mrs. Landrum, the drama teacher, had to leave for a week for a family emergency– the week meant to rehearse the ending scenes. Without her, the students questioned whether they would be able to perform.

Raising to the challenge, Drama IV students seniors Halle Campbell and Madison Howe stepped up to lead the students through the rehearsal process. With their past experiences and knowledge in theatre, they guided their classmates step by step.

“I led the group by doing my best to give all the information that was needed and by always trying to lend a helpful hand. Staying positive through long and repetitive rehearsals was important,” Howe said.

The preparations for the play were difficult due to COVID-19 and the absence of Mrs. Landrum. However, through the help of the student director Halle Campbell and stage manager Madison Howe, the performance was able to happen on time. Everything, from costumes and makeup to lights and props was perfect for opening night, December 11, 2020.

The drama classes proved, just like Christmas, a good production comes without ribbons and tags nor from a store. They proved a merry show comes from teamwork and leadership, and nothing more.