Give Me One Last Kiss

Missed rehearsals and masks cannot derail the love for Conrad Birdie

The classic 1963 musical “Bye Bye Birdie” is brought to the stage with a new twist. When planning the musical, social distancing with masks made performing unique and separated from the past. “The masks were very hot and made it harder to breathe after our singing and dancing numbers. It was also harder to enunciate because the mask was hiding my voice,” junior Callie Castor said. Castor performed in the teen ensemble alongside others that experience the same obstacles.

Towards the middle of the rehearsal season, the second ice storm rolled through and closed down school for two weeks. This threw a wrench in the production of the musical and perfecting student’s performances. “The hardest part was how quickly we had to get everything done and how much we had to learn with such little time. Mrs. Landrum said that they usually put in about 100 hours into practice and production when this year we put about 40 hours in,” freshman Gabriel Holliday said.

With these obstacles, students stayed persistent and pushed through. “There was a small moment before the show where we did not know if we were going to be able to perform but we made it,” Castor said.