BONUS CONTENT: A Second Transgender Experience

The following is an unprinted, bonus excerpt from The JagWire’s 29th volume issue 1 story about the LGBTQIA+ experiences of students.


“I always questioned my gender but I really started thinking about it last year. I’m not one hundred percent out, but my family is very accepting. My dad was accepting right away, but my mom was confused. I think it was hard for her because she knew me as another person for most of my life. My mom asked a lot of questions about what she could and could not say. She wanted to make sure that some of the terms she grew up with are not offensive to anyone today. When I came out to them, my dad said ‘Okay, well to me none of that stuff matters, all that matters is that you’re still my kid. I still love you no matter who you are.’ He tries to call me by my preferred pronouns, which is really comforting. I’ve never really met someone who was overly against anyone like me. I know that living in the south, there are plenty of people who may not be too happy about it, but I just think that I’m not doing this for them. If someone doesn’t agree with me, that’s okay. I’ll still treat them as a human. A lot of people I have met have been somewhat respectful, and I think that I can at least try to be myself around others. I don’t think that I really need to hide.”