Getting Thru Ruff Times

Students rely on their furry friends for emotional support

Everyday lives can take a toll on students, but no need to fret, furry friends can help. Jack, the schnauzer, and Ruby, the cocker spaniel, are senior Connor McLaughlin’s support team. McLaughlin depends on them to be the support he needs when stress from school and speech and debate pile up.

“They love attention, so the minute I get home they jump on me, which distracts me from everything,” McLaughlin said.

Finding her comfort in her lovable white labrador, Chloe, junior Kammi Boise counts on her to cope with anxiety. She is balancing school, work, and softball along with gaining her independence. It sometimes can feels like too much to handle.

“Having high expectations of myself and trying to be the best you can adds a lot of stress, so simply getting the affection from a living thing helps me get through everything,” Boise said.

It is the three amigos, a blue pit named Blue, a short-haired weenie dog named Bo, and a long-haired weenie dog named Asa, that help sophomore Saryn Graham. Their lovable spirits have helped calm even the worst of her panic attacks.

“My favorite part about having them is how lovable they can be and that they are there no matter what. Asa is a seizure dog, so we help each other out and are big supports to each other,” Graham said.

Dealing with her anxiety and providing company on quiet nights, sophomore Grace Ryan has her tri-colored spotted rabbit named Jellybean and a ragdoll cat named Shadow to lend a caring paw. Jellybean helps Ryan get through her anxiety by being there to ease her worries. After forming a great bond, Shadow has become her calming buddy during those peaceful nights.

“My favorite part about having them is taking care of all of them and seeing them interact with each other. Hanging out with them just really calms me down,” Ryan said.

Having his pet pug named Chico since 4th grade, sophomore Fernando Diaz has his comforting pup by his side. It is reassuring knowing that his furry friend will be there. Knowing Chico is at home waiting for him, helps him relax after the pressures of classes and work.

“School can get very stressful for me, especially when I have a lot of other things going on. I can just go home to him and relax,” Diaz said.

Comfort can come in many ways and for these students, it comes with fur and four legs. Furry friends and teenagers can make a great combination just like a best friend, they are there for support. Support pets is a new term for our generation, but “dogs are man’s best friend” has been around for ages.

Even teachers enjoy the comfort a furry friend can bring.

“When I get home from school, it is so nice to be greeted by my pups who are so excited to see me. It doesn’t matter how my day has gone; everything just seems so much better when I have that unconditional love of a pet. They are great company and have such unique personalities,” Ms. Anne Dawson said.

“With Ranger, it’s easy. I love having a dog that loves Westmoore as much as I do,” Coach Daniel Dumbleton said.

Everyday lives can take a toll on anyone’s day, but, with the help of our furry friends, tough times are no sweat.