What Your Snapscore Says About You…


The social media app Snapchat, known for its 24-hourdisappearing stories, streaks and filters, has a feature in one’s profile called a “snapscore,” the number of snaps a user has sent and received in addition to stories they have posted. As time progress, a certain score range indicate certain things about a user.

0-1,000: If you have a snapscore between zero to 1,000, you likely just recently created a Snapchat account. You have not quite had a chance to snap many people or add much to your stories. You could just also be someone’s mom, lurking to make sure your son or daughter is not posting anything scandalous on their story. You could be the “cool, relatable parent.”

1,000-50,000: You’re doing alright. If you have a snapscore between 1,000 to 50,000, you might not use snap too often. It is likely that the only reason you use it is to stay in touch with your friends or to view stories that catch your eye. You probably don’t use your phone too much in general and you surely have many things going on in your life that you may not share.

“The only reason I use snapchat is because I like to stay active with friends. Besides that, I don’t use it too often,” sophomore Kevin Huggan said with a snapscore of 35,911.

50,000- 200,000: You’re pretty average! You probably created your snapchat account during middle school. You surely have some memories on your snap that give you flashbacks from your past years. You might have a lot of streaks with people.

“I usually snap like 20 to 45 people, not that many but it’s just people I do streaks with, “ sophomore Riya Patel said with a snapscore of 80,004.

200,000 – 400,000: Wow! What a number! If you have a snapscore between 200,000 and 400,000, you are quite popular. Snapchat is your go-to app. It is possible you have a sizable following on the platform and post almost daily to your story. It would not be a surprise if someone has accused you of messaging multiple people.

“I think the purpose of streaks is to see how much you snap someone every day,” junior Melina Nguyen said with a score of 307,774.

700,000- 1 million+: You must be on snap a lot, and you could have a good following of people viewing your story and snapping you. It is likely that you are very well known by a majority of people. Chances are you may have a hobby that people take interest in or maybe you’ve just had a snapchat account for an extremely long time.

“I would say I don’t snap a lot of people, only a couple of friends. A snap score being high or low depends on how long you’ve had the app,” junior Mimi Hoang said with a score of 717,243.