Angelic Yields: WHS organizations serve the community

With the year in more need of assistance, Westmoore delivered the holiest of yields. Angelic or holiest yield is a TikTok trend in which people return goods not only to restrooms but also to other locations. It is more than just returning goods at Westmoore. It is about giving back and sticking together during difficult times.

Wrestling Team

Required by the coaches to have 30 to 50 hours of community service a year, Westmoore’s wrestlers multi-task the sport while hitting the most angelic yields. Sharing Tree, Regional Food Bank, feeding the homeless, and picking up trash at school are some virtuous “hits” the wrestlers did.

“There are so many needs in our area, so it is nice to give our student-athletes a chance to help meet these needs. It allows them to build the habit of helping others. We hope we can simply positively impact the community. We want the community to know that there is a generation of great kids coming up,” wrestling coach Robert Hadden said.

Asian American Society

Asian Night Market Festival was one of Asian Americans Society’s bigger events. This year’s event tripled in size and was finally recognized as Oklahoma’s final cultural district with a mural on 25th and Classen.

“Despite the heat and labor though, AAS’s members stuck through and had a fun time looking at people’s smiles, enjoying the festival. We had members volunteer the day before for several hours, carrying cinder blocks, and setting up tents along the streets. On the actual day of the event, we had volunteers work shifts throughout the entire festival in different tents and booths, as well as activities for kids and adults alike,” AAS’s President, senior Chad Kim said.

National Honor Society

National Honor Society (NHS) also participated in their unique forms of angelic yields. The annual blood drive hosted by the Oklahoma Blood Institute was one event, in which both students and staff participated. That could save at least three lives. Determined to bring in the most donations, as they competed against Moore and Southmoore. NHS brought in a total withdrawal that can save at least 165 lives. They take part in many events including the Regional Food Bank, the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation Take Steps Walk, and Touch A Truck for the Pioneer Library System. Members recently volunteered for Haunt The Zoo at the Oklahoma City Zoo during October.

“I feel like we have made a strong impact on the community both in and outside of the district. Each year we also do gift wrappings and volunteer at the zoo, but we also reach out to wider issues like climate change and food shortages,” NHS Vice President senior Vivian Ha said.

Whether it is as little as picking up trash or setting up a big festival across three streets, the contribution from every student unifies the community. As with everything, this is only the beginning of us sending out our angelic yields with many more to come.