OVERCOMING BREAKUPS: a collection of student tips on how to get over bad teen romance

Do not give yourself a time limit #timehealshurts

Do not tell yourself that you have to get over the breakup in a certain amount of time. Giving yourself a time limit will not work because you just think about it more. No one gets over something in a set amount of time. Even if you are the person who ended the relationship, it can still take time to move on and pushing yourself to get over something usually does not work out in the end. 

“I feel like you probably should wait a little bit. It’s a really traumatic experience to break up with the person you love,” junior Christopher Doyle said.


Do not seek revenge #dontkeytheircar

Before you throw his Playstation in the pool or key her new BMW, remember that seeking revenge on an ex does not get you far and can get you in serious trouble. Do not be like Carrie Underwood and smash in their headlights. 

“You shouldn’t seek revenge because it could lead to bad consequences such as a grounding or jail,” sophomore Gracie Bailey said. 


Abandon the idea of “closure” from the other person #imincontrol 

After a breakup, people often reach out to their ex for closure to find out why their relationship ended to move forward and find closure. However, “waiting for” closure simply gives others the power to dictate how you should feel and when to stop feeling it.

“I don’t think we should wait for others because there’s a reason it didn’t work out, so you just gotta move on to better things,” senior Ashton House said.


Stay off social media #stoplurking

Staying off of social media can definitely help. It can be such a toxic place, especially after a breakup. It can be thought of as a way to lurk on your ex. Stalking their Snapchat stories and recent tweets are not things you want to do. Regardless, everyone sometimes needs a break from social media, and it can help you stay calm and not worry about your ex so much. 

“Disconnecting from social media is a way to reconnect with yourself and is also a way to move on afterward,” senior Macy Riel said.


Give yourself some space #metime

Giving yourself space does not mean closing yourself off from the world or giving up time with friends. It means making time for yourself. Spending time by yourself can be a good thing as long as you are not shutting the whole world out of your life. It is always good to give yourself space from the things that hurt you.

 “I think you should give yourself space because if you’re around a lot of people during the time you’ve just broken up, you won’t have time to get over it and heal,” freshman Isabella Cox said. 


Sleep, meditate or exercise  #zen #sleep

You may think sleeping will help you forget about your feelings, but it can help in other ways. Sleep is a way to restore the body and help the mind find peace, so getting extra sleep is not such a bad thing. 

Exercise can also help when getting over a breakup. Exercise helps the body grow and become stronger, and it keeps the mind busy and keeps you from thinking about the bad times. Mediation can also help by keeping yourself grounded and calm, not thinking about anything else. 

“Exercise helps a lot because it just takes your mind off of the breakup. I feel like anything to take your mind off the breakup will help,” sophomore Chase Robinson said. 

 “Focus your energy elsewhere, such as exercising. I focus my energy on working on my body and, being better for myself helped distract my mind from it,” senior Bo Garrett said.


Be with people who love you #4lifers

Being surrounded by people who care about you is one of the best things you can do when going through something. Being around friends and family can help with talking about feelings and getting emotional support. Surround yourself with people who make you feel comfortable such as parents, family members or friends. Everyone has someone different they find comfort in during tough times.

“Be with people you love. You don’t know how much they can help in little ways or big ways,” freshman Sofia Carrillo said. 

“When I went through my breakup, I confined myself to my closest friends. They all took me to Urban Air, and we hung out. It helped me through it,” sophomore Mark Nguyen said.


Rebound w/ their best friend – Just kidding #seriouslyitsajoke #dont_rush

Do not rush into another relationship. People often rush into another commitment in hopes of quickly getting over their feelings. Jumping into a relationship does not give you the proper time to grieve about anything that happened. It also hurts the person getting rebounded.

“It’s important to focus on yourself after a relationship and figure out who you are without them. If you rush into another relationship, you might end up hurting the other person,” sophomore Mikayla Hogue said.