Near Graduation, Seniors Celebrate With a “Senior Day”

It was a double dose of senior activities. On April 25, the class of 2022 held senior breakfast and had the traditional graduating class group photo.

At senior breakfast, seniors Malia Gross, Emely Garcia, Kaleb Roper, Lucas Forman, Christian Thomas, Kaitlyn Zuniga, and Celina Sanchez Lopez dress in business casual. (Photo Courtesy of Celina Sanchez Lopez’s Instagram post)

Senior breakfast was held at the First Baptist Church in Moore. Tickets were $25.00, and approximately 250 were in attendance. They had the opportunity to dress business casual and miss the first through the third hour. “I think senior breakfast was actually really cool,” senior Madeline Nesiba said. Nesiba performed at the event, and she sang a duet with her friend, senior Julia Gunter. They sang “I Will Never Leave You” from the “Side Show” musical.
“Overall, it was a really great experience and us being together for our last final moments together,” Nesiba said.
“Senior breakfast was pretty nice, and the food was pretty good too. I am also a Miss Westmoore nominee, so it was cool to take pictures with the other nominees,” senior Vivian Ha said.
The hallways and the old competition gym were filled with black, red, and a couple of white and gray gowns as seniors gathered for their class photo. It was the first time the graduating class photo was taken with everyone standing together in two years.

Seniors Blake Linn, Brock Stoyanoksi,  Emily Labeth, and Ryan Bundy take a selfie during the 2022 class photo. (Blake Linn)

Ha and Nesiba both expressed how taking the 2022 class photo was emotional and eye-opening. “It was exciting. It was nice because since I had a white gown, it was nice to stand at the bottom, so when everyone was going up, it felt very organized because we were put into different rooms,” Ha shared, “It also felt like ‘wow we’re really graduating soon,’ and it just hit me.”

Nesiba shared that although taking the class pictures was tedious and in a hot, sweaty room with all the seniors, she was very emotional. “We thought that we were all together; we were in all these robes. In reality, we are graduating, and some of these people we’ll never see again, so if you think about it that way, it does get a bit sad.”

Furthermore, the soon-to-be graduates told their thoughts about leaving Westmoore.

“Graduating soon… it’s exciting and scary at the same time,” senior Tyson Truong said. When asked if he was scared because of starting a new journey after graduating, such as going to college, he responded, “Yeah, I don’t know if I’m looking forward to that.” Many other seniors shared the same feelings as Truong.

Seniors will never forget the events that happened on April 25 and the beloved Westmoore as a whole. “I will miss all the memories I’ve made. I think I’ve got through a lot; I’ve found myself. I’ve changed definitely,” Nesiba started. She talked about how she took high school for granted and how she regretted it. “We should definitely cherish the moments that we made and make the best of everything,” she concluded.