Cafeteria Beats

Find out what influences music played in our very own Cafeteria

Our cafeteria has beats, and Mr. Daniel Dumbleton is our so-called DJ.

Here’s what he has to say about the music he plays: “Usually, we do some form of rock and roll on Mondays and Fridays, whether it’s classic or contemporary rock and roll. Tuesdays are usually devoted to our country folks; we call it Texas-Two-Step Tuesday,” Dumbleton said. “Wednesday, we usually do something out of the ordinary, whether salsa, Hispanic, Latino music or something. And usually Thursdays, at the request of our wonderful cafeteria ladies, we do some type of Motown or disco.”
Dumbleton plays a variety of music which is great for the varying tastes of students. Different music is played for events like women’s history month and Black history month. Some students ask if he takes suggestions for music during certain events like this or just in general.
“I do, yes. I get suggestions all the time, from cafeteria staff, principals, other teachers, and even students,” he says. “And certainly, I take those things under consideration, but with Pandora, we’re kind of limited on what we play. Contemporary rap artists, I think we’d be very limited on what songs could be played that are also-the big thing is-is it school appropriate?”
Now we’ve covered what kinds of music are often played, but why is music played in the cafeteria in the first place? According to Dumbleton, the music he plays purposefully is to “get people in a good mood, or get people up.” He also hopes that it provides positive energy to the students’ days while they’re enjoying their lunch. It has seemed to be going well, considering disciplinary actions have gone down since the music has started-just, another proving factor that music plays a huge role in people’s lives.