The Reality of High School

FreshmanTedd Tran, sophomore Frida Marban, junior Patrick Ha and senior Marlyn Silva

High school is not like the movie High School Musical. It’s a place for teenagers to start planning themselves. It is a common saying that your high school years will be some of the best years of your lives. Although this might be true for some, others might see high school differently.

One thing some students struggle with is procrastination. The website “Frontiers” suggests that sudden changes brought about by COVID-19 played a part in encouraging procrastination.  This issue has led to a lack of motivation or postponing doing their work because of extracurricular activities. 

Freshman: “I struggle doing my work because I go out with friends then come home late, being too tired to do my work then just decide to sleep,” Tedd Tran said. 

Sophomore: “If I have to do homework, I would stop doing it and I’ll act like I have to do something but really I’m just stalling time so I don’t have to do it like getting on my phone,” Frida Marban said. 

Junior: “I would play video games or talk to my friends after school. I would also think that I could do the assignment in 5 minutes but ended up taking an hour to do it because I never started it,” Patrick Ha said.

Senior: “I put things to the last minute and I always say “oh, I’ll do it,” but I end up doing it the next day,” Marlyn Silva said. 

Some students think school is a negative thing but in reality, there are more positive aspects to it. Including social life, school atmosphere, or having more opportunities. According to the article, “Negative Effects of High School”, educational system compels to high school students to develop “life skills, personal responsibility, and uniqueness.”

Sophomore: “Making a lot of new friendships and you grow as a person,” Frida Marban said. 

Junior: “The number of people you can meet in high school,” Patrick Ha said.

Senior: “All the memories you make and can keep forever,” Marlyn Silva said.  

It seems high school can be more challenging than junior high because of the nearing of adulthood and preparing for the future. 

Freshman: “I have more freedom. My teachers are more calming and not so strict compared to junior high,”  Tedd Tran said. 

Sophomore: “Compared to junior high, there are more people, so you can meet more new people. It’s also more difficult and challenging. There’s more pressure on you, especially if you’re taking AP classes,” Frida Marban said. 

Junior: “In high school, there is more to think about like what class am I going to take, what college do I want to go to, which club do I want to join and how will I do in my AP classes? When I think of junior high, it was a time where I had less to worry about and more time to do the things that I like to do,” Patrick Ha said. 

Senior: “It’s different because, in high school, things actually matter, you can’t just slack because it will catch up to you, and you have to stay on top of everything or you’ll get behind, you have to stay motivated,” Marlyn Silva said.


Personal photos of Freshman Tedd Tran and Sophomore Frida Marban
Personal photos of Junior Patrick Ha and Senior Marlyn Silva