Let’s take a look at Gen Z

Generation Z… What do we really know about them? How are they different and why is it important to know about them? Who are they? Here’s your guide to learning more about this lovely generation and all they have done.

Generation Z typically refers to the generation born between 1997-2012, following millennials. Now you may be wondering what is so different about this generation compared to the others. In short terms, Gen Z is a group of self-driven individuals who are described as highly collaborative with social relevance, authenticity, and issues like climate change and racial injustice.

What is the main difference between Gen Z and other generations? One word, Technology

Internet-related technologies have dramatically changed the scope of human communications and interactions, leading to changes in how this generation interacts with people, how they work and how they operate daily, whereas past generations were the opposite.

“We had to remember phone numbers in our head because we had phones attached to walls,” science teacher Mrs. Luv Dailey said.
Because this generation developed an early facility with powerful digital tools, it is thought that it allowed them to learn about different cultures and be self-reliant. Finding their own unique identities is something that this generation values very much.

One crucial difference is that Gen Z has received criticism from older generations as coddled, privileged and naïve.

Freshman Salvador Trujillo described Gen Z as “diverse.” When I asked the same question to someone from an older generation, their response was, “entitled.”

“Gen Z can make significant changes and is more aware,” freshman Thy Cao said.

The goal is for older and younger generations to work together and learn to trust and be open to new things and ideas. People are beginning to come as one and adapt.