Spirit of the Westmoore Jaguars

September 23 – the Westmoore Moore War assembly took place in the Jag Arena. The gym was covered in posters, streamers, and, most importantly: school spirit! The gym was divided into sections for freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Despite this division, everyone was united in supporting our football team in the Moore War game that would take place that night.

“It was cool to see the school spirit that everyone had,” freshman Sadie Hadlock said.

When it was time for the football players to make their grand entrance, the lights dimmed, and a smoke machine turned on. All the students in the stands turned on the flashlight on their phones. When the team ran out, the cheers were almost deafening. Despite losing Moore War last year, the team was sure they had what it took to win this year. This proved true when the Jaguars beat the Moore Lions 27-17.