They Can’t Beat Us!

The Moore War Assembly was an experience like no other. Freshmen brought the heat at the assembly and beat the sophomores trying to get the spirit stick. News 9 even made an appearance, and comparing the two interviews between Moore high school and Westmoore was interesting. Storm Jones and the person getting interviewed were practically screaming at each other to hear the questions. Westmoore definitely wasn’t lacking in school spirit.

Kailyn Batemen interview:  

Question-Who do you think you will win the spirit stick? 

Answer: I think the seniors will win it, but I know the freshmen will try their hardest and be super loud. 

Question-What did you think about the new step team? 

Answer- I loved them, they did great, and it was definitely my favorite part of the assembly! 

Question-How do you think the seniors felt about being back inside for an assembly for the first time since they were freshmen? 

Answer- I honestly think they were ecstatic; it is like a full circle for them, and their winning the spirit stick must have made it feel even better. 

Further into the afternoon, the Westmoore Jags played the Moore Lions in a head-to-head battle for the title of Moore War Champs. The Jags took home the win,  27-17.