Moore Outdoor Music Festival

     Under the blinding lights of the Moore stadium, the Westmoore band waited anxiously to hear their placement at the Moore Outdoor Music Festival on September 17th. The wait was finally over when the Westmoore band was called for 3rd place. Freshman Abigail Richardson states “The contest was a lot of fun and I got to hang out with my friends, so it was worth the long day. It was cool to make it into the top three, and it made me feel proud of myself and the band. I feel more confident about future contests. Once they were done announcing the placements I jumped up and down in the big circle, chanting Westmoore, so it was great,” said Richardson.   

     Junior Aiyonnah McVay was not nervous, in fact, she felt confident as she states “I have gotten more comfortable and confident performing in front of people and having this confidence has helped me become a better leader and performer. Getting 3rd felt good because we set a high standard our ourselves and our band. The work is more challenging than previses years but still very doable,” said McVay.  

     Anxious at the beginning of the performance, Sophomore Camryon Knox left with confidence. “I was incredibly happy when I heard we got 3rd. The growth and difference in the matter of a year is great. I feel we are starting to get the glory that Westmoore had before covid. I was nervous when I was performing because Oklahoma has very competitive and good bands, so it is intimidating. I was so nervous during the performance I cannot remember it, but that’s how you know it was a good performance,” said Knox.