Showing Support

  Disregarded as personal and secretive in school sports, athletic bras are often needed to maintain comfort and support for the players. Acknowledging this need, senior Jacklyn Crabbe stepped up by raising $900 in total and donating over 200 sports bras to athletes who don’t have the ability to afford the product. Leading her community forward, Crabbe spent her summer maintaining a charity event assisting the  

Sports bras are usually something that’s more private. It’s not talked about often, but we want to help as many athletes as possible. It definitely met our expectations–instead of just collecting money, we want to be able to give at least one sports bra to every person. We want to get more people involved in trying to hit that $200 mark every time. Any donations are appreciated, and every sports bra counts.

— Crabbe

“The Sports Bra Project.” Inspired by an idea from her soccer coach, Crabbe decided to contribute to fellow female athletes, “I wanted to get my community and team involved, and I’m delighted we did,” Crabbe said. Crabbe’s actions and commitment motivated others to get involved and help athletes. The overall positive response led the news station, KFOR, to run a feature story on Crabbe. “It was the most memorable part of it all. My family and I sat down together and watched it. Being able to make them proud felt great,” Crabbe said.

  In many sports today, specific athletic wear is deemed inappropriate and controversial. Despite this, the charity’s primary goal was to spread awareness. Shining the light on athletes, Crabbe paved a new road, helping her community grow.