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3.02 Million

Madelyn Alcantara December 13, 2022

  According to a 2020 study conducted by the CDC, 3.02 million American high schoolers vape daily.   Many people consider it a healthier alternative to cigarettes. Regular tobacco cigarettes can deliver...

Need For Speed

Need For Speed

Jordan Long , Brooke Smith, and Cameron Krause December 9, 2022

  Gearing up, senior Skyla Rogers gets ready for a race. Rogers looks back on her childhood and how she started her journey. She grew up around cars, working on them with her dad, which soon sparked an...

I Saw The Sign

Mia Parker, Contributor January 2, 2022

  Eternals was released on November 5, 2021. Marvel introduced their first superhero deaf character Makarri. Her powers are superhuman strength and speed. Audiences watched as sign language...

After the announcers say the situation is under control, Westmoores side of the stadium was left distraught.

Students recall the the loss and mass hysteria of Moore War

Alyssa Dalley-Schofield and Zoe Pryor December 17, 2021

Bleachers, once packed with the student section, become visible as spectators vacate the stands. Students, in mass panic, jumped on the field and over fences. (T.K. Hadden)[/caption] Friday, September...

Learning from home, freshman Monica Acuna reviews how to factor polynomials.

Going the Distance

Sutton Dozier, Staff Writer April 19, 2020

At the start of 2020, no one expected that they would meet with their teachers via video chat. No one expected that summer would start two months early. And not one person knew that society would be quarantined...

Trumps Impeachment: whats been happening and whats next

Trump’s Impeachment: what’s been happening and what’s next

Kenny Kim, Editor January 10, 2020
Here's a simplified explanation on the Trump impeachment and an update on what's next. LAST UPDATED ON 1/10/20

Canvas Shutdown

Keaton Greer, Staff Writer December 19, 2019

Canvas was shut down for about 48 hours and to most, the shutdown really came out of nowhere prior to finals in December.  It left some teachers without their assignments and students with no way of doing...

It is Called One-To-Ones

Kaden Wright, Staff Writer November 30, 2019

One-to-ones are coming in August 2020. Students will be receiving a Dell 3190 to help make education run smoother. One-To-One devices are small, mobile laptops and that can be used for a multitude...

This is a photo of the new annex at Westmoore High School.

The Growth of WHS: The Annex

Katherine Majors, Staff September 24, 2019

Last school year, Moore Public Schools decided to add an addition to Westmoore High School. The annex allowed for extra classroom space. The annex was originally a part of the Westmoore Community Church...

Is the Earth Actually Flat? The Jagwire Investigates

Is the Earth Actually Flat? The Jagwire Investigates

Kenny Kim, Editor May 15, 2019
Is there truth behind the "Flat Earth Theory?" We talk to some flat earthers at Westmoore to find out!
Screen Time

Screen Time

Nameer Khan, Staff December 13, 2018

Technology is advancing in front of our very eyes, it is becoming extremely convenient to do everything at the tip of our fingertips. The average millennial is actively engaged with the social media on...

Sophomore Chrissy P. (far right) and senior Andrea P. (far left) remained in the foster care system for about three years before being adopted. They are examples to those still in the out-of-home care that there is hope to having a normal family.

Foster Care: The Story of Thousands

Kenny Kim and Christina Phillips December 3, 2018

A child screams, refusing to to be separated from her father. However, her dad is an addict and unfit to care for her. She will be soon entering the foster care system. Although this can sound appalling,...

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