Janelle Martwitz signs to Lamar University, in  Beaumont, Texas for softball.

Collegiate Signing Day

January 7, 2020

Sports Recap: October 16th-31st

November 14, 2019

Varsity Football: The team fights hard for two weeks, and beat the Yukon Millers on a game winning drive by the score of 50-49! Unfortunately, starting quarterback Dayton Wolfe injured his knee late in the game and missed next week's ...

Sports Recap: October 1st-15th

October 19, 2019

Football: The team beats the Edmond Memorial Bulldogs in ecstatic fashion by a walk-off touchdown and win 33-26. Yet, our team loses a long fought battle versus the Broken Arrow Tigers and earn their first loss of the season ...

Jags Roll On

Nameer Khan, Staff

September 19, 2019

MOORE - With stakes being at an all time high, the football team knew this year’s match up would be no walk in the park. In previous years, the Jaguars had smothered the Lions with no room for leniency. Yet, the talk of Moor...

Pom Pounces on Moore War

Karsyn Scruggs, Editor

September 17, 2019

Westmoore Pom is known nationwide for their numerous national titles, but locally, fans are most excited for their Moore War routine. There are nineteen girls on the squad and they are coached by Emily Shock and Natalie Zielny....

Pitchin’ In

May 22, 2019

Senior outfielder/pitcher/wide receiver Jacob C. keeps his schedule busy by always competing in a sport that he loves whether that is playing football in the fall or playing baseball in the spring.  Jacob C. has been playing both ...

Johan Goes On

Johan Goes On

May 22, 2019

Goodbye Westmoore

May 22, 2019

   “We perform our hearts into our show," chants Westmoore guard before every varsity and color guard performance. This saying means something different for the former coach Mallory Sutherland. For the past 13 years Mall...

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