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Showing Support

Mia Parker December 14, 2022

  Disregarded as personal and secretive in school sports, athletic bras are often needed to maintain comfort and support for the players. Acknowledging this need, senior Jacklyn Crabbe stepped up by raising...

Our Bodies Our Creativity

Zoe Swinson December 13, 2022

  Tattoos can be a reflection of one's individuality and creativity. They can be a representation of past experiences, such as remembering loved ones or pets who have passed away. Whether they have a...

3.02 Million

Madelyn Alcantara December 13, 2022

  According to a 2020 study conducted by the CDC, 3.02 million American high schoolers vape daily.   Many people consider it a healthier alternative to cigarettes. Regular tobacco cigarettes can deliver...

Academic Achievers

Ella Pilgrim and Samara Islam December 12, 2022

  People view gaining achievements in many ways. Some students get excited over winning the prominent debate, while others are satisfied by getting an A on their calculus test. Out of the 2,700 students...

Autism Spectrum

Rickey Pool December 9, 2022

  "Don't judge a book by its cover." But how often do people follow this unwritten rule? A worldwide topic that is directly affected by this expectation is Autism.   Autism comes down to how an individual's...

Need For Speed

Need For Speed

Jordan Long , Brooke Smith, and Cameron Krause December 9, 2022

  Gearing up, senior Skyla Rogers gets ready for a race. Rogers looks back on her childhood and how she started her journey. She grew up around cars, working on them with her dad, which soon sparked an...

They Can’t Beat Us!

Ryleigh Corral, Student Writer October 23, 2022

The Moore War Assembly was an experience like no other. Freshmen brought the heat at the assembly and beat the sophomores trying to get the spirit stick. News 9 even made an appearance, and comparing...

Spirit of the Westmoore Jaguars

Lily Rowland, Student Writer October 23, 2022

September 23 - the Westmoore Moore War assembly took place in the Jag Arena. The gym was covered in posters, streamers, and, most importantly: school spirit! The gym was divided into sections for freshmen,...

Rise of the Jaguars

Valerie Cerda, Student Writer October 23, 2022

Moore War assembly 9-23-22 at Westmoore Jag Arena Jags are back! On Friday, September 23, Westmoore hosted its 35th Moore War assembly.  The school’s football team played against Moore High School,...

Moore War Assembly Report

Layla Big Medicine, Student Writer October 23, 2022

The Moore War Assembly was an eventful time for the student body. If you attended the assembly, you would definitely know Jaguars know how to show their school spirit. I talked to a couple of students,...

My Assembly Story

Ethan Johnson, Student Writer October 23, 2022

The person I interviewed was ecstatic! She described the assembly as very accurate electric. She said it was energetic, loud, and a fantastic moment for her. Sitting at the bottom, she was very energetic...

My First Moore Assembly

Kateleen Huynh, Student Writer October 23, 2022

September 23 - The Moore War Assembly took place in Westmoore’s Jag Arena. Julianne Hoang was overjoyed when I asked about her experience. As a freshman, she had no idea how monumental this event would...

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