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Practicing during sixth hour athletics, junior Aubrianna Smith and sophomore Shelby Kemp work on their takedowns.
Origins of Westmoore's Women's Wrestling
T.K. Hadden, Staff • October 29, 2021

MOORE, OK - Stepping out under the big lights, a new team makes its debut. All weighed in and refueled, the competitors make their way to the stands. Now, it is a waiting game. The wait of who will be first on the bracket,...

Finishing the Cowboy Jamboree in Stillwater, senior Karsyn Hayes and junior Tykota Lena embrace after a long meet.
Atnip Brings Positive Vibe
Sophia Chakrabarty and Hannah Snow October 29, 2021

Inhale. Exhale. Sophomore Brooklyn Atnip throws one foot in front of the other, finish line in sight. She is home, surrounded by her teammates. Every day, Atnip proves that you don’t have to be the fastest runner...

Let's take a look at Gen Z
Samara Islam, Journalism Class reporter • May 16, 2022

Generation Z… What do we really know about them? How are they different and why is it important to know about them? Who are they? Here's your...

OVERCOMING BREAKUPS: a collection of student tips on how to get over bad teen romance
Abygail Anderson, Staff • April 21, 2022

Do not give yourself a time limit #timehealshurts Do not tell yourself that you have to get over the breakup in a certain amount of time....

They Can't Beat Us!
Ryleigh Corral, Student Writer • October 23, 2022

The Moore War Assembly was an experience like no other. Freshmen brought the heat at the assembly and beat the sophomores trying to get...

Spirit of the Westmoore Jaguars
Lily Rowland, Student Writer • October 23, 2022

September 23 - the Westmoore Moore War assembly took place in the Jag Arena. The gym was covered in posters, streamers, and, most importantly:...

Rise of the Jaguars
Valerie Cerda, Student Writer • October 23, 2022

Moore War assembly 9-23-22 at Westmoore Jag Arena Jags are back! On Friday, September 23, Westmoore hosted its 35th Moore War assembly.  The...

Moore War Assembly Report
Layla Big Medicine, Student Writer • October 23, 2022

The Moore War Assembly was an eventful time for the student body. If you attended the assembly, you would definitely know Jaguars know how to...

I Saw The Sign
Mia Parker, Contributor • January 2, 2022

  Eternals was released on November 5, 2021. Marvel introduced their first superhero deaf character Makarri. Her powers are superhuman...

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